week 13 – results

SFL Pro Europe 2022: Championship Away Phase Results, Week 13

Even though they lost their match, and their hopes for the playoffs, Wild Blast and Reason Gaming managed to shine to the very last minute, each in their own way, playing at home against the French teams this week. Two last stands that should be saluted as it should be.


It’s not over till it’s over, but now it is. Given the results at the end of this 13th day, and even if they still have a match to play in week 15, the last two teams of the leaderboard won’t make it to the playoffs. Regardless, the opportunity to shine did manifest itself for one player from each team. First, we were glad to admire Takamura (Ken) from Wild Blast, facing Akainu (Guile) from team GO. A victory in the second fight in BO3 whose 10 points will not be enough to win the match for his team, which lost 10 to 30 at home in this away match, finishing once again last in the leaderboard, with 70 points in total at the beginning of week 14.


Reason Gaming, shone bright this time but not in the same way, despite a 0 to 40 defeat to BMS which, with the victory of GO, definitely shattered the hopes of the English to join the 4 teams that will compete in the playoff phase of this SFL Pro Europe 2022 tournament. With 130 points at the end of the match, captain MQS’ guys stand far from the MOUZ’s 195 points in 4th place, or even the 200 points of team GO, 3rd in the leaderboard. On the other hand, Reason offered themselves a moment of glory under the spotlight, particularly for his player Shivs in the 3rd battle, playing Laura versus the legendary Dhalsim of Mister Crimson. A BO5 worth 20 points in which the UK team could really believe, as they did all throughout the competition.


Even if Day 15 will mark the last two matches of Wild Blast and Reason Gaming, we already know, as Day 14 takes place next week, that both teams are no longer part of the final bracket, whose seeding was indeed already settled this 13th week. On January 9th, all 4 playoff teams will therefore begin to test out one another early, and try to grab as many points as they can to guarantee a good score counting for final victory. Indeed, 00Nation and GO will respectively match the 4th and the 1st in the current board, namely MOUZ and BMS. You read correctly: next week we will see the Franco-French revenge match from Day 8, taht resulted in a crushing victory for BMS. And no one wants to miss out on Luffy’s attempt of revenge over Mister Crimson.


Watch the whole VOD here