Street Fighter League Europe: best of the very first day

The first episode of the first European Street Fighter League tournament was full of surprises. Whether you need to see it all on demand or to get some commented highlight, you have come to the right place.


On the first day of the Home Championship phase that took place last October 10th, four teams competed to earn precious points for the rest of the competition. In the first half of the day, 00Nation faced Wild Blast, and in the second half, Reason Gaming fought against team GO.


Here are the results:

As everyone might not have expected, star players showed strength and skills from the very beginning, as did Rikemansbarnet and Phenom from 00Nation, bringing victory to their team over Wild Blast. For this first nervous day, the good effort from Momi didn’t rack up enough points to settle the score, as the first BO3 game only gets 10 points to the winning team.


For their first encounter with the French, Reason Gaming gave its best every time but had to go to extra battle to grab the 5 little points needed to defeat Luffy-led Team GO. All thanks to Valmaster who managed to score the 20 points granted by the 3rd BO5 game.


As for the highlights of the day, Rikemansbarnet could block Vegapatch’s F.A.N.G in the first match. In the second match, Valmaster (Chun-Li) did indeed really well against another Menat, the one from Reason Gaming’s Shivs. Sadly, he couldn’t repeat this during the revenge battle that took place right afterwards, finally giving out victory to his opponent’s team.