mvp – return phase

SFL Pro Europe 2022: All hail The4philzz, MVP of the Away phase of the Championship

After Mister Crimson from French team BMS was crowned for the Home phase, MOUZ team star player The4philzz was designated best player of the second phase. Among other skills, his top tier mastery of Falke shone every time he had the occasion.


This 15th week of the SFL Pro Europe 2022 marks the end of the away matches, and with it, the end of the whole Championship phase. Therefore, a second MVP (“most valuable player”) had to be chosen, before a third and last one takes the title of MVP of the tournament right after the finals in just two weeks now. For his amazing performance in the wake of a number of successes for his team,The4phillz, aka the “best Falke player in the world”, was labeled MVP at the end of the regular season, making his team MOUZ and its captain, ProblemX, very proud.

Return Phase : Best of


Among the best moments of this phase, we will remember week 10 and the victory of Shivs (Reason Gaming) versus Shakz during the BO5 of the English derby that opposed his team to MOUZ at home. A high stakes battle that meant a lot to both contestants who know each other well, and brought 20 points to Reason Gaming in the match total. ProblemX and his teammates eventually won but with a very close result, 25 to… 20.


During week 11, 00Nation beat team GO 30 to 10, conceding the first battle to Akainu anyway, after the Frenchman really showed what he could do with Dan to Nordic captain Veggey, playing as Birdie. Unfortunately, Valmaster (GO) couldn’t do the same, even with all his knowledge of Chun-Li, in the next fight against Rikemansbarnet. Valmaster will shine a bit later though during week 12, in which he remembered that “time over” is part of the game as well in his fight against ProblemX. His team won’t win, but the 10 points in the 30 to 10 final score were owing to him only.

Looking at the leaderboard in the end of the regular season, BMS held the number one spot during the whole phase, somewhat confirming a general dominance over the tournament so far. The French team qualified for playoffs, where it will meet fellow team GO, who stands in fourth place. The second semi-final will naturally take place between MOUZ and 00Nation, who stand in 2nd and 3rd place. Nothing is decided as of now, and fierce encounters are still ahead. See you in the final phase!


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