Street Fighter League: Pro-EUROPE 2023 – Winner + MVP

And the winner of the Street Fighter League: Pro-EUROPE 2023 is…

That’s a wrap! The final matches of the Street Fighter League: Pro-EUROPE 2023 have been played and we now know the identity of our new crowning Champions. Which of 00NATION and BMS left the arena with the trophy? The answer is… 00NATION!


What a final we were treated to this Friday! The ultimate match-up promised some great gameplay, and it did not disappoint as it pitted two of the most gifted teams of the season.

On one side, we had BMS. The French team, who arrived second place last year, did not have a very glorious start to the competition. Because of a few mistakes that cost them many points, they were not able to reach the top of the leaderboard quickly. However, thanks to some kind of resurgence at the beginning of the return phase, BMS managed to go back on their feet and climbed the ranks to reach first place. During the return phase, the Frenchies were unbeatable, which allowed them to earn a direct ticket to the final.


As for 00NATION, they proved to be much more consistent in the scores. Despite a few minor setbacks, the Norwegians always hit hard and made a great impression, notably thanks to Phenom, our going phase MVP. By ensuring to always maintain a certain accuracy, they stabilized their position between first and third place throughout the regular season.

That said, 00NATION displayed even more determination during the Playoffs. With each exchange, they came out victorious and showed their opponents that they were not players to be taken lightly. A lesson that BMS learned the hard way during the Grand Finals. 

Indeed, thanks to great precision and perfect control of their respective characters, the Norwegians won the ultimate face-off with a dashing score of 70 to 20. Thus, BMS retained their second place while 00NATION became our new European Champions. They also got an invitation to represent Europe in the Street Fighter League: World Championship 2023.


Lord_Venom is our Playoffs MVP !

To top it all off, the MVP of the Playoffs was named. And without much surprise, it’s one of 00NATION’s members who inherited the prestigious title : Lord_Venom.

During the Playoffs, he demonstrated an excellent game reading, olympian calm, and an undeniable mastery of his JP. He even delivered a Perfect K.O. to Valmaster, despite the latter playing with his Chun-Li. And just for that, Lord_Venom deserves all the praise!




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