Meet the teams: 00Nation

Coming all the way from Norway, Sweden and Finland, the “Nordics” team was launched in 2021. If you can expect some Birdie, Karin or Cammy expertise from them throughout the tournament, you’d be wrong if you thought they’d never use Luke, Guile or M. Bison.


According to Veggey, the captain, the strongest asset of the team is Phenom, even if the Scandinavian team capitalizes more on strategy, careful planning and control or neutral-based characters.


Veggey and Phenom are from Norway and also share two previous iterations of the team, one of which is 2018 Gfinity Elite Series winner Nordavind. Both players started to play Street Fighter in 2009. Today, Phenom currently ranks 13th best Street Fighter V player on the PGRSF 2016-19.


As for their two other teammates, Rikemansbarnet is from Sweden and often plays as Menat, and DrGoodLag comes from Finland and most of the time uses Laura as main character.


Having similar upbringing and cultural values, 00Nation stand very united together and define themselves as calm and serious in any circumstances, in a playful way.


As confirmed by Veggey, “we put it mostly back to basics”.