Meet the teams: BMS

Global Esports Tour 2022 Riyadh, CPT 2022 Online Event: France/Spain/Portugal and Red Bull Kumite 2021 London winner Mister Crimson leads this 100% French team with three other professionals with whom he happens to be close friends as well. Watch out for Dhalsim… but also for Luke.


Just arrived on the Street Fighter League, BMS is also composed of long-time friends: Linkexelo, Kilzyou and TKR, gathered around Mister Crimson, their star player and captain. A latter role that the French champion has been really keen on playing anytime he got the chance over the past few years.


BMS can definitely create surprise, starting with Mister Crimson’s Dhalsim, a main character that is as classic as it is not seen very often in this kind of event. At the opposite end of the spectrum, bad news for his opponents: Mister Crimson also trained to master Luke, the last character added to the SFV roster. Kilzyou plays as R. Mika, Linkexelo mains Necallia and TKR is a Chun-Li expert.


When it comes to managing a variety of different personalities in the team, Mister Crimson’s unusual choice of main character has made him almost impervious to pressure. As confirmed by the captain, “Dhalsim is slow and requires to never succumb to panic, which is definitely coherent with leading a group of players in a tournament”.