Meet the teams: Wild Blast

As the most international of the European teams in the tournament, Wild Blast represents Spain with its captain Vegapatch, but also Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Their strengths also come from diverse backgrounds, all brought together in harmony.


From its creation a few weeks before the competition, Wild Blast created a surprise within Street Fighter League – Pro Europe. Indeed, all the other participating teams represent a nation or region of Europe, while the group led by Vegapatch comes from four different countries.


If the Spanish captain usually plays as F.A.N.G and Juri, Takamura (Belgium) is an Akuma and Ken expert and the Ryu counterpart is provided by MDZ Jimmy (Germany). The fourth player, Momi (Netherlands), is back in the game after a while and often plays as Cammy and Nash.


As common as this choice of characters may seem, many contestants feel particularly challenged each time they encounter a “shoto”. This could mean high ground for Wild Blast in many situations.


As for their preparation, the four members have fought one another in the past, for example during the last Capcom Pro Tour 2021.


The team has embraced the concept of calculated risk as a strategy, and it usually pays off. As Vegapatch puts it, “we are literally the wild team”.