Street Fighter League: Pro-Europe 2023 - Week #1 Highlights

The first day of competition has just come to an end, and it’s already been a real emotional rollercoaster. If you’d like to watch or rewatch the first matches of the Street Fighter League: Pro-Europe 2023, you’ve come to the right place!



BMS and Guild Esports got the ball rolling. And devastating combos were unleashed!
However, one player really stood out from the crowd during this first confrontation: Mister Crimson. Just when you thought it was all over for BMS, the French player reversed the trend with a decisive Super Art. Thanks to his self-control and excellent knowledge of his Dhalsim, Mister Crimson was able to open the doors to a stunning comeback by stringing together impressive combos, which allowed him to win the fight against VegaPatch.

Although BMS are the ones saving 30 points, Guild Esports has nothing to be ashamed of. They managed to drive their opponents into a corner, which shows how exceptional the level of this brand new team is.



BK ROG and Wolves Esports then came to the stage, and each player provided some
emotional moments as the outcome of the battles was so unpredictable.This was particularly true of the fight between Kusanagi and The4Philzz. At first, everything suggested that The4Philzz was going to knock out Kusanagi with his JP. But Kusanagi pulled off two unexpected saves which helped him turn the tide and adopt a more offensive play. Thanks to this turnaround, BK ROG won the match and scored the first 40/0 of the tournament!



A much-anticipated showdown brought the day to a close: MOUZ, the reigning champions, faced 00NATION, who took third place in the Street Fighter League: Pro-Europe 2022. And as expected, it was a very tight game, with MOUZ having a tough time of it against the Norwegians. The matches were very complex, with a lot of the action coming down to instinct. The choice of characters proved to be very important, but 00NATION finally won 25/20 thanks to numerous opportunities offered by their excellent vision of the game.


As you can see, the teams didn’t pull any punches, and the matches were full of momentum. The competition has only just begun, so there’s plenty to look forward to!