SFL Pro Europe 2022, AWAY Championship, week 10: vae victis!

The away phase goes on and so do high noon showdowns. During their last match, MOUZ won against Reason Gaming and BMS defeated Wild Blast. Will the two challengers, who play this week, manage to catch up?


Reason Gaming has a lot to feel nervous about this week. The British team faces their compatriots and also one of the best teams in this championship, MOUZ, who is playing at home, on top of still being led by one of the best players in the championship, ProblemX.


Having lost 40 to 0 to the reds during the first phase, MQS’ guys already had a hard time aligning MQS himself, Soundboi and OneStepLayered against The4philzz, Shakz and ProblemX. This time, Reason will have to announce his player choices and character picks first. They should logically include Shivs in the battle, and count on his intensive training with Laura and Menat.

For the second match, revenge is to be taken on the side of Wild Blast, who conceded defeat 40 to 0 to their French opponents from BMS the last time they met. As for Reason Gaming, the challenge is twice as hard for the European team as they play away and will also have to, once again, find solutions against the MVP of the first phase, Mister Crimson and the rising stars in this tournament like Kilzyou. There is no doubt that the “Wild” team will try to give the maximum of their energy and potential, providing with memorable moments in the process. Tune in next December 12th to find out.


As usual, these will be broadcasted at 8 pm CET on the following channels: