SFL Pro Europe 2022, AWAY Championship, week 11: work to be done

This week, as 00Nation would rather not remain in 4th place, Wild Blast, at the last place of the leaderboard, will definitely not just stand there and will try hard over one of their last chance to rise up the ranking.

The first encounter will oppose 00Nation to team GO. The Away match of the second week of the tournament, won in last minute 25 to 20 by the Nordics in which their captain Veggey along with star player Phenom, already showed what they were made of when faced with dangerous threats like captain of team GO Luffy or star player and Chun-Li specialist Valmaster. Will GO, also playing in away position on top of that, be able to overcome the Vikings and get their revenge?

For the second match, revenge is to be taken on the side of Wild Blast, who conceded a defeat as well, 10 to 30 to their opponents from Reason Gaming in the 5th week. Challenge is also doubled for the European team that plays away, and will undoubtedly give all their energy to fill us up with moments of skills, as they must still be standing in a spirit of “everything or nothing”.


Playing at home this time, the Brits should have confidence through the roof, Even if their objective remains the same as their opponents: grab as many points as possible to get out of 5th and 6th places to qualify for the playoff phase. Will Wild Blast finally break the pattern that has blocked their victories so far? Tune in December 19th to find out.


As usual, these will be broadcasted at 8 pm CET on the following channels: