week 12 – program

SFL Pro Europe 2022, AWAY Championship, week 12: revenge of the big guns

This 12th day of competition has the four best teams face off one another, mirroring the Home phase games from week 4. Two revenges that should bring out the show and the enjoyment of the good game.


The first match echoes Home battles in the 4th day of the championship. This time MOUZ goes against GO who plays away, both teams standing in third and fourth place of the leaderboard. starts with a 30-10 victory at home for the French in the first leg. Their captain, Luffy, even beat his British counterpart ProblemX in the BO5, thus snatching 20 precious points for his team. A performance against one of the best players in the world today, that deserves a shoutout even for a player of this league.


Speaking of MOUZ, ProblemX, at home, will be able to manage the strategic choice of players at the last moment, in particular that of star player The4philzz (Falke) against Valmaster (Chun-Li). Will the English captain choose the same players as last time, namely Broski, The4philzz and himself against Akainu, Valmaster, and of course Luffy in the 20 point BO5? Find out by watching a match that once again promises to be exciting.

The second match also corresponds to a leg from fourth week. A BMS vs. 00Nation game, that starts with a conclusion from last time in which the French won 30 to 10, with the victory of French  captain and best player Mister Crimson over Nordics star player Phenom, also in the BO5. Both teams currently stand in first and second place of the leaderboard.


In this top notch encounter, the advantage of players and roster choice in the last minute goes t the France, who will have to find the best combination to face the same Nordic line “Veggey (Cap., Birdie), Rikemansbarnet, Phenom”. A decision by 00Nation captain that shows the determination of a team that does not change and should therefore give out 110% against the best team of the competition for now. Tune in the day after Christmas this December 26 and don’t forget your protection goggles, as the sparks are already set.


As usual, these will be broadcasted at 8 pm CET on the following channels: