week 13 – program

SFL Pro Europe 2022, AWAY Championship, week 13: outsiders' last chance

Playing at home and facing the French outside, the last two teams in the leaderboard may have one last stand to play this time for the playoffs that start only a couple of weeks away now.


On the first match of Day 13, the Europeans from Wild Blast go against Luffy and team GO. Even if Vegapatch’s team knows that it ain’t over till the fat lady sings, a few notes still start to sound in their penultimate match of the tournament, as they standing in last place of the board with only 60 points. Anyway, the multinational team also knows that anytime is always an opportunity to shine, especially against a renowned team.


Indeed, in the eventuality that Wild won their two sets this week and the next, their maximum hypothetical score of 140 would still be lower than the 160 points of GO, who already claim 4th place at the start of Day 13. And from their point of view, the French must not let go of anything in this encounter, as it could, even wrongfully, suggest that their level is insufficient for the playoffs. Who will make his team proud?

For the second set, the problem for Reason Gaming is not quite the same as for Wild Blast. With 130 points in total at the end of Day 12, the Brits can still climb up to the top four for playoffs, especially if GO loses to Wild Blast. Still, if GO wins 30 points or more in their next two sets, this is an instant game over for Reason captain MQS and his guys, leaving them with no choice this week but to give their absolute best. As they try to make the most of their advantage playing at home as well, facing a team such as BMS can only promise good skills and therefore a highly anticipated match, on top of that. See you on January 2nd to start the new year with some Street Fighter goodness!


As usual, these will be broadcasted at 8 pm CET on the following channels: