SFL Pro Europe 2022, AWAY Championship, week 14: last clash till playoffs

For this second to last day of the championship, even if the die is cast for playoffs, the second leg away matches go on and remain important for every team on different levels. This week, the “final four” precisely play against one another, for our greatest pleasure.

As the first leg home match from Day 5 ended up in a 10 to 30 away victory for 00Nation, the Vikings now stand in a more comfortable home position for their encounter against MOUZ. They will announce at the last minute which player from their team will face The4philzz and Shakz, and especially Captain ProblemX in the 3rd 20 points-worth BO5 battle. Having not played last time, the master of the Dictator (M. Bison) won’t let his team be impressed by an away position. Ranking in 4th place with 195 points, MOUZ has no time nor point to lose in his road to the first place of the leaderboard. At this stage of competition, each and every point is worth taking to go for the title of European champion.

Following this rule, the Franco-French revenge match from week 8, won 40 to 0 by BMS at home, seems all the more exciting this week. GO is quite far away from their opponent, as Mister Crimson’s team currently owns first place with a total leaderboard score of 255 points. As team GO lined up Juniorleo, Valmaster and Luffy in the first leg to face Kilzyou


Linkexelo and Mister Crimson, Luffy’s guys enjoy last minute roster pick revelation this time around. Who will they send against Kilzyou (Karin, R.Mika), TKR (Chun-Li) and Mister Crimson (Dhalsim, Luke, Laura)? We know we all dream of a confrontation between Valmaster and TKR in a Chun-Li vs. Chun-Li battle… See you this Monday, January 9th to find out!


As usual, these will be broadcasted at 8 pm CET on the following channels: