SFL Pro Europe 2022: Championship Away Phase Results, Week 14

On this second to last day before playoffs, BMS confirmed their leading position in the tournament so far, while MOUZ managed to literally snatch second place in the leaderboard.

One more week before playoffs. Even if all bets are off for everyone at the start of this 14th day, stakes remain, though different. Time to shine for Reason and Wild as they won’t make it to the finals, and point rush for the four remaining teams who now need the highest score possible.


Among them, MOUZ won the maximum score of 40 points in their match against 00Nation. A victory that secured a second place in the leaderboard for the British who now hold a total of 235 points, right before playing again next week. In terms of highlights, The4philzz, most certainly one of the most watched players from MOUZ besides ProblemX, proved once necessary, if even necessary, that he fully deserved his informal title of “best Falke player in the world”.


For the second match and French showdown, BMS confirmed the ascendancy they claimed over GO after a first victory 40 to 0 on Day 8 of the tournament, even though this week’s second leg set looked a little less overwhelming for Mister Crimson’s team, as they “only” won the match 10 to 30. The highlight is still for them, with a brilliant TKR (Chun-Li) against Luffy and his Rose in the second battle of 10 points in BO3. Very high level was shown by TKR, which left very little room for his unfortunate opponent to breathe, let alone hope for retaliation or revenge.


Next time, we’ll wish fare well to Wild Blast and Reason Gaming, whether they win or not against MOUZ and 00Nation respectively. Two matches where both outsiders will be keen on deploying their best skills to please their followers as they should be,  and to shine as much as possible to launch or confirm a career in versus fighting. As for their opponents, currently in second and third place in the standings, the race for maximum score and first place goes on. See you this January 16th!


Watch the whole VOD here