SFL Pro Europe 2022, AWAY Championship, week 15: last week till playoffs

Last day of the championship, and last appearance of Reason Gaming and the red lantern Wild Blast, now eliminated from the competition. This does not mean that they will leave without a last bang.

Despite the apparent lack of real challenge this week, each participant kept its own different interest at stake in the last two matches of the championship phase. For Wild Blast and Reason Gaming, who confronted MOUZ and 00Nation respectively, the objective was to shine one last time, be it individually or as a team. Nothing to do with week 7 of the first leg, where the four teams first met last November. On the other hand, the objective of the favourite teams was to garner as many points as possible to claim the best place in the leaderboard, which is essential to win the very first European SFL cup.

Therefore, we should witness talent again this week, especially coming from star players like Momi from Wild Blast, or Shivs and Soundboi in team Reason Gaming. Big guns like The4Philzz and MOUZ captain ProblemX should also be there to stand out. In the race for points, they should once again show the best of themselves, like Phenom or Rikemansbarnet at the Nordic team 00Nation. On top of that, as the rule goes, we will know some player or character picks in the last minute, so expect more surprises next Monday, January 16th at 8pm CET.


As usual, these will be broadcasted on the following channels: