week 15 – results

SFL Pro Europe 2022: ChampionAway ship Phase Results, Week 15

On this last day before playoffs, the favorites win, which does not change seeding or qualification order for the semi-finals. As promised however, surprise invited itself to the farewell party of the last two teams.


Final stretch to the final phase. With slightly different objectives this week, the stakes for victory remained, as shown by the sheer victory of MOUZ and 00Nation, who each scored a 0 to 40 win against Wild Blast and Reason Gaming. The maximum amount of points was earned, which in the end does not change much with regards to whom gets qualification for the semi-finals. As if motivation for points needed more proof, ProblemX showed up using Alex, for once, literally obliterating Momi’s Cammy with impressive damage, which granted him the first highlight of the week.


Devotion and surprise also was on the side of outsiders, as DrGoodLag from 00Nation once again stood out with a Perfect, a Laura Perfect to be exact, defeating OneStepLayered from Reason Gaming who assumed the much frequent role of Karin user, at least in tournament. Naturally, the best moment of this last day of the away games and championship phase goes to him.


Wild Blast and Reason Gaming bid farewell, as they fought valiantly to the end. Next week is already shaping up to be one of the most intense since the start of the competition: none other than two semi-finals on the same day to seal the fate of two winning teams who will face off in final the following week. The first match will oppose both French teams one last time, in an always very eagerly awaited encounter. Between Mister Crimson and Luffy, there can be only one at the end of the confrontation between BMS and GO.


For the second match, Captain of MOUZ ProblemX and his teammates will face the Nordic giants of 00Nation led by Veggey. Once again, star player Phenom will have the opportunity to show his impressive skills in the hopes for a place in final. As we already know the name of the first finalist, BMS, sitting at the top of the leaderboard with 285 points, the second place, taken by MOUZ with 235 points, can still be grabbed by 00Nation (215 points) or team GO (210 points). See you next January 16th!


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