Street Fighter League Pro Europe 2022, Playoffs: Here come the Semi-Finals

Semi-finals are at the door! For this first day of playoffs and 16th week of the tournament, the final run for the title of European Champion of Street Fighter V is getting closer as the best four teams compete at the top.

The first match will see both French teams finally decide who was the best during this competition. Respectively at 1st and 4th place in the leaderboard with 285 and 210 points in total, BMS faces GO for a last clash of the titans between the two teams led by legendary captains Mister Crimson (Nathan Massol) and Luffy (Olivier Hay), who can count on their no less legendary teammates like Kilzyou and TKR at BMS or Valmaster and Akainu on the GO side, just to name these.


At the end of the battles, there can be only one and in the meantime, we can be sure that after having kept us entertained all through the competition, this ultimate fratricidal fight will get one last big round of applause filled with classic Dhalsim, Chun-Li, Karin, Ken or Guile epic moves.

The second match logically features the 2nd and 3rd teams in the leaderboard, which makes it a little bit tighter than the other semi-final. Therefore, we will admire one more time the confrontation between the British team MOUZ to the mighty Scandinavians from 00Nation. On both sides, big hats like MOUZ captain ProblemX or Norwegian star player Phenom should impress one last time with M. Bison and Luke, most probably. In this second semi-final, other players are highly expected as well, such as Away phase MVP The4philzz (MOUZ), who should show us, if still necessary, how Falke is properly used. At 00Nation, we should see some Rikemansbarnet skills like “new generation” techniques with his Menat main character.


However, we don’t know about roster picks yet, even if the teams who play on the away side (GO and 00Nation) will have to announce their players and characters choices in advance to their opponents, as the rule requires. This will have to wait until next Monday, just like the picks of BMS and MOUZ who will reveal their strategy at the very last moment, as they play at home. Suspense ends on January 23. Who will make it to the final?


As usual, these will be broadcasted on the following channels: