Street Fighter League Pro Europe second day of HOME Championship: Clash of Titans

Some really heavy material is scheduled for Day 2 of the tournament. Tune in October 17th to see some of the best players of the competition going at each other to take team ranking lead at all costs.

Hardly had SFL Europe started a week ago that great moves were already seen in the wake of the very first day of competition. This week, on this second day, other new and exciting challengers make their debut. First, as other teams did last session, MOUZ, led by their famous Captain, Problem X will most certainly show what they’ve got in the very first set. As they start their own road to the title, they directly face serious opposition. We’re talking none other than Mister Crimson’s team BMS, waiting for them to experience yet another intense confrontation between the UK and France.

For the second half of the day, two teams from last week come again and fight each other this time. Expect more great talent to show off, as Luffy’s team GO goes against Veggey, Phenom and friends of 00Nation for some French vs. Nordic encounter. Which play style will prevail?


In terms of roster, given the players profiles at hand, we should obviously see some Dhalsim (Mister Crimson) vs. M. Bison (Problem X) epicness, but also Luke (Phenom) and R.Mika (Luffy) should be there, along with Chun-Li (Valmaster, team GO), Falke (The4philzz, MOUZ) and we can hope for a few surprising character choices as well.


As usual, these will be broadcasted at 8 pm CET on the following channels: