SFL Pro Europe 2022, HOME Championship Day 3: Champions vs. Challengers

On the third week of the competition this Monday 24th of October, suspense stands at its highest point so far, as some of the outsider teams get to go against one of the bests. Will the Davids defeat the Goliaths, or will they end up dominated by unfathomable skill?

For the first encounter this week, the European newcomers Wild Blast, although composed of pretty ancient and solid players like Vegapatch will try their best and probably face a hard time facing BMS, lead by French champion Mister Crimson. On Wild Blast’s side, Momi’s Cammy or Nash could destabilize the legendary Dhalsim from Mister Crimson, or maybe Takamura’s shoto character will get over Kilzyou’s R. Mika or Karin. Whatever will be, will be.

The second match is 100% British as the mighty Reason Gaming will try to prove thay are capable of anything against their juggernaut comrades from MOUZ, led by the famous ProblemX. Indeed, MQS’ will have to demonstrate all the talent he has with F.A.N.G in front of MOUZ’s The4philzz’s probable Falke.


Also, still on team Reason’s side, Soundboi could use the best of his Cody moves hoping to overcome Shakz’s Cammy from MOUZ. We cannot wait to see what happens!


As usual, these will be broadcasted at 8 pm CET on the following channels: