Street Fighter League Europe: best of Championship phase - HOME, Week 3

Week 3 has concluded with the victory of champions over fierce challengers. Indeed, Wild Blast couldn’t do enough versus team BMS, and Reason Gaming was unable to pull off a significant move facing the inevitable MOUZ.


This October 24th, the road to playoffs continued with some difficult battles. During the first half, French team BMS, led by Mister Crimson totally obliterated Vegapatch’s Wild Blast who did well anyway and was really worthy to begin with. Precisely, Takamura’s best Akuma play was not enough to prevail, as confirmed by his opponent’s (Kilzyou) incredible mastery of Karin. Only 3 battles were necessary for BMS to settle the score (40-0) with the multi-national team.


On the full UK encounter side, same 40-0 punishment for Reason Gaming. Their adversary MOUZ did not leave them a chance, for instance during MQS’ game versus The4philzz, in which the latter showed that F.A.N.G and Falke might share a close name spelling, they can play very differently from one another, leading to another crushing victory for him and his big hat team.


This game was indeed picked as one of the highlights of the week to show a classic moment from The4philzz, aka one of the best Falke players in the world.


Watch the whole VOD here