SFL Pro Europe 4th day of HOME Championship: the Monster Mash

On Day 4 of SFL Pro Europe this October 31st, spooky season is indeed getting more and more interesting this week, as the Nordics return and face BMS, and two other major teams also come back just to face each other and get over with who’s going to instigate the most fear on this night before Halloween.

This week, 00Nation is back from the fjords, bringing once again his best players to the front. If we can all expect Phenom again, all other three members, like Rikemansbarnet, might have something to try with his probable main Menat against the very scary French team BMS. Mister Crimson’s Dhalsim might give some cold sweats again, and so could Kilzyou and TKR.

For part 2, we might think this match already happened earlier in the tournament, but Luffy’s team GO will really face ProblemX’s MOUZ for the very – exciting – first time in this competition. 

Whatever happens, this is going to be creepy good. 


Besides, after losing their matches to Reason Gaming and 00Nation, team GO could be prone to enter rage mode to prove who they really are, unleashing some crazy moves on MOUZ. 


As such, we’re hoping for some Karin or R. Mika greatness from Luffy to overpower ProblemX’s incredible M. Bison techniques. Anyway, team GO’s captain can always count on his right-hand men as well. Tune in to find out.


As usual, these will be broadcasted at 8 pm CET on the following channels: