week 5 – program

SFL Pro Europe 2022: Championship HOME, week 5 - Britain’s challenge

In this 5th week of the tournament, it’s the UK alone against all Europe. On one hand, Reason Gaming confronts the Spanish-German-Belgian-Dutch team of Wild Blast, and on the other hand, MOUZ meets the fearsome Vikings from 00Nation.


In the first part indeed, the Reason Gaming faces Wild Blast, led by their Spanish captain, Vegapatch. Reason will have to deploy the best of his strategy and players, Soundboi and OneStepLayered in particular, who will respectively battle the captain of Wild Blast and Takamura, from Belgium. Shivs, meanwhile, will have to deal with strong opposition coming from one of the stars players of the adversary team: Momi, from the Netherlands.


In terms of character selection, the Dutchman should pick Cammy or Nash, as Shivs would go for Laura and Menat, on which he trained very hard for the tournament. Additional difficulty should arise for Reason Gaming as they stand “away” from “home”. As the rules require, MQS and his teammates won’t know of the roster picks by Wild Blast until a few moments before the start of the match.


At this stage of the competition, Reason Gaming counts one victory and one defeat, while Wild Blast recorded 2 losses out of 2 games so far and should therefore go all in this week. No holding back.

MOUZ, quant à elle, bénéficie aussi de 2 victoires et d’une défaite à son actif, mais se trouve légèrement avantagée côté “aller”, puisqu’elle connaîtra à l’avance la composition de l’équipe adverse.


Comme à chaque fois, il est possible d’effectuer quelques prédictions parmi les personnages choisis. Nous parions sur du Birdie, Cammy et Menat de la part de Veggey ou encore de Phenom. Réponse ce 7 novembre !


The second set give the opportunity once again to watch ProblemX and his teammates from MOUZ as they go against 00Nation and star players Phenom or Rikemansbarnet, who will face Broski and Shakz.


With 2 wins and 1 loss at the start of this fifth week, the Scandinavian team will certainly not take a rest, as they also stand “away” this time. MOUZ, meanwhile, also has 2 victories and one defeat, but find themselves with a slight advantage as they’re playing “home” and will therefore know the composition of 00Nation character picks in advance.


As always, it is still possible to make predictions anyway. Just to guess a few, we can safely bet on Birdie, Cammy or Menat coming from Veggey or Phenom. Also, expect some M. Bison as well on the other side. The answer will be known this November 7!


As usual, these will be broadcasted at 8 pm CET on the following channels: