SFL Pro Europe 2022: Championship HOME, week 5 - results

It’s a victory for challengers Reason Gaming and 00Nation this week, along with one of the greatest comebacks of all time for the Nordics among the highlights.

For the first set, Wild Blast, despite its “Home” position, conceded the set 10 to 30 to Reason Gaming. Even if the Brits lost 10 points in the second battle as Shivs lost Momi (Wild) who was able to show her great mastery of Cammy versus Shivs’ Menat. In the other two battles, OneStepLayered and SoundBoi from Reason beat Takamura and Vegapatch, ensuring final victory for MQS’ team.

The best highlight of the week was this incredible comeback by Veggey (00Nation) and his main character Birdie, all with zero HP… a punishment that was inflicted from the start of the round by his formidable opponent from MOUZ, The4philzz, alias “the best player from Falke of the world”. Unfortunately, Veggey lost the battle, conceding 10 points to MOUZ. The Nordics team eventually had a happy outcome nonetheless, as these 10 points would be the only ones scored by MOUZ in the whole set, won 30 to 10 by the Scandinavians thanks to the victories of Rikemansbarnet and Phenom – yup, these guys again – against Shakz and Broski from ProblemX’s UK team.

Save the date in a fortnight for all four teams. This time around, 00Nation and MOUZ will be in at “Home”, facing the participants of the first set “Away”, Reason Gaming and Wild Blast.


Watch the whole VOD here