SFL Pro Europe 2022, HOME Championship, week 6: France in the limelight

As for the UK last week, it is now France’s turn to align two sets in at “home”. On this sixth week of the tournament, teams GO and BMS are challenged by Wild Blast and Reason Gaming.


The first set features Luffy and his comrades from GO versus Vegapatch’s Wild Blast team (representing Spain, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands). So far, the French have faced 2 defeats for only one victory. This week, they can use tactical advantage as they play at “home”. This position allows them to know the characters chosen by their opponents in advance, giving them an edge and the opportunity to bet on surprising character choices. If they go for surprise indeed, Akainu and his usual diverse picks should come as a potential high ground.


Meanwhile, this could be another time for Valmaster to shine with Chun-Li against tough opponents like Momi, who often uses Cammy as a main pick. If team GO has to show what they’re made of once again, Vegapatch and his teammate will give them the strongest opposition.

At “home” as well for the first time in the competition, and with 2 wins and one defeat on record conceded MOUZ, this set against Reason Gaming could look like a preparation or even pre-revenge for BMS, waiting to encounter the team of ProblemX in “away” phase in the coming weeks.


As far as Reason Gaming is concerned, they are playing one of their most important sets so far. Thus, MQS and his team have every “reason” to give they’ve got for this set of battles.


On screen, we should see some Dhalsim from Mister Crimson, and some Laura or Menat on the side of his opponent, Shivs. We expect another Chun-Li as well from TKR (BMS), while Sounboi with Reason should show his mastery of Cody. Questions will be answered this November 14!


As usual, these will be broadcasted at 8 pm CET on the following channels: