week 7 – Program

SFL Pro Europe 2022, Championship, Home, week 7: Outsiders away!

This week at home, the Nordics from 00Nation received the challengers of Reason Gaming. Their British compatriots from MOUZ will have to deal with Wild Blast, another outsider who still has to play 110% every match in hope for a win.


Tough week for the challengers, as well-ranked teams have it pretty easy at home, just a matter of point of view. First, Reason Gaming, their captain MQS and their star player SounBoi will have to face Phenom and Rikemansbarnet from 00Nation.


Playing away, the Great Bretons will face additional difficulty. They will only know the players and the picks of the opposing team in the very last moments before each fight.


Not in an ideal position in the leaderboard, Reason Gaming still stands in 5th position at the start of the 7th week and has recorded 2 wins and 2 losses out of 4 matches played so far. Captain MQS must put the odds on his side and will probably count on his main character F.A.N.G.’s mastery to achieve victory. Also, hope rests on Shivs (Menat or Laura) and SounBoi (Cody)’s shoulders on the road to 4th place, ideally by garnering all 40 points possible per match.

For the 2nd match, challenge is even greater for Wild Blast who still totals 20 points in the leaderboard, still in last place, as MOUZ hold 4th place with 90 points. Spanish captain Vegapatch will have to motivate his troops to the maximum as even in the event of a total victory, 40 points won’t suffice to climb anywhere up the board for now. Indeed, 5th place is still held by Reason gaming with 75 points in total. Fortunately, the road to the playoffs is still long.


In terms of roster picks, ProblemX should again show more M. Bison greatness. We will also very probably admire the mind-blowing abilities of other star player The4philzz with Falke. Even if this is enough to give a hard time to Vegapatch, or anyone at this point, Momi and Takamura will have to be inventive using one of the many characters of Momi or Takamura’s Shoto, probably Akuma. Again, history has shown that this competition could see anything coming from anyone.


As usual, these will be broadcasted at 8 pm CET on the following channels: