week 9 – program

SFL Pro Europe 2022, Championship AWAY, week 9: revenge starts now

It is now Day 9 of the competition, a day that marks the start of the Away matches and last step to the playoff phase. This week, apart from a very challenging match for Reason Gaming, we can expect BMS to seek revenge on MOUZ after they lost to the men of ProblemX on the second week of the tournament.


Both French teams are playing at home this week. Therefore, the first set should turn out to be complicated for Reason against GO. Not only are the Brits playing away, but Luffy’s team remains determined to make up for their surprise 25-20 tiebreak defeat, conceded to MQS’ team on the first day of the competition.


Thus, GO should logically not just rely on their advantage at home, by fear of giving up their 4th place in the leaderboard that comes with a qualification for the playoffs, even if it’s temporary. The French should give 110% against MQS (F.A.N.G.) and their star players OneStepLayered (Karin) and SoundBoi (Cody), who will try to play even over their capacities as they stand in 5th place in the leaderboard. Can they stand up to Luffy, Valmaster’s Chun-Li or Akainu’s famous and rather unpredictable roster picks? The answer will be known next Monday.

Once again, the second match promises to be even more electric. Defeated in the second week 10-30 by MOUZ, the French from BMS also want to set the record straight, making the most of their position at home while Mister Crimson should unleash his best Dhalsim moves against their opponent from the UK. Expect a possible surprise effect in terms of player choices and character picks announced at the last minute, in an attempt to counter the intimidating Falke-wlielding The4philzz, or Broski, who could do the show once again with Oro, or even ProblemX himself, on top of his art with M. Bison.


BMS also intends to secure a real first place in the leaderboard this week. Indeed, with only 5 matches played, the French team finished last week on a tie with 00Nation in 1st place. As the Scandinavians are not playing this time, BMS only need to score some points to move to the top rank at the end of this day. As far as MOUZ is concerned, whichever the result, they should remain within the four teams that stand qualified so far for the playoffs. No reason for them to lose to Mister Crimson anyway. Anyway, that’s another beautiful set in perspective! Tune in this Monday, December 5th.


As usual, these will be broadcasted at 8 pm CET on the following channels: