week 9 – results

SFL Pro Europe 2022: Championship HOME, week 9 - results

Another victory this week for the two French teams of the tournament. Both were able to make the most of their home game against their British opponents.


In the first set, Reason Gaming was indeed unable to find a way out the literal onslaught coming from GO, particularly from Valmaster, whose mastery of Chun-Li seems untouchable, as he delivered a masterclass against OneStepLayered (Karin) who still deserves the honors of this week’s highlights. The final score ends up at 40 to 0 for the French who claim the second place in the leaderboard.


The sets that feature the first four teams of the competition and big names like Mister Crimson (BMS), Luffy (GO), Phenom (00Nation) or ProblemX (MOUZ) are always anxiously awaited. That was the case this week as BMS was opposed to MOUZ. An encounter that ended in a 30-10 victory for the French, who achieved their revenge, a clear first place in the leaderboard and the other highlight of the week, all at once. With this match, we learnt that Kilzyou (Karin) is able to beat ProblemX, who maybe regrets going out his comfort zone by picking Alex instead of M. Bison for this fight.


All in all, that was a very nice start of the Away phase, especially for the French. Not only did both GO and BMS win the victory, but they also got their revenge for the defeat they suffered during home phase to these teams. As we approach the 10th day – or week – of the championship, the two teams even share the first and second place of the leaderboard.


Watch the whole VOD here